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Second blog. Positive vibes today!

It's November.

It's almost December.

It's almost 2021.

It's nowhere near the end of this bloody pandemic!

Ok, that's the last time I'll mention the "P" word. If i HAVE to mention it again, i'll just say "pancake". (apologies to those who won't have a clue what i'll be talking about in future)

I promised some good vibes above. Well here they are... \o/ That's supposed to be a man dancing but now it looks like a man drowning. SUMS UP 2020!!

Anyway, I have been quite busy writing with my new copy-writing venture so that's been good so far. I am used to looking for work most days through gigs (They didn't always land on my lap like a hungry I think living the self-employed life for so long has put me in good stead for what has happened this year.Totally relying on yourself and your instincts to find work/money, and A FUTURE, is something i have done for a long long time. Gigs were just always there though, whatever happened. My friend once said "Dai, you're'll always have gigs to put food on the table" wait for this..."NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!" Well, all it took was a bloody moronic hungry dude having a bite of a bat and catching bat disease and spreading it through the world. Eat a carrot you imbecile.

I'm starting to rant here aren't I? I really shouldn't talk about this pancake any more.

Lets finish this off.

I have had some work. HOORAH

I have had some grant funding. HOORAH

Acting work is slowly creeping back in. HOORAH

I have written some new bangers. (I think they are anyway; my girlfriend's unenthusiastic reaction was slightly different) HOORAH..ish

So, 2021 is on the horizon. I know a new year doesn't mean the pancake will up and vanish "Oh look, its 00.01am on 1st January 2021, I must be off to tend to other business, goodbye earthlings, I shall miss thee" That's right, viruses talk like a Dickensian!

Lets all just hope, because hope is all we have, that things will change for the better some time in 2021, and we can get back to normality and the MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL...You'll be able to see me play some live music again. HOORAH!

Until next time, look after yourself and others. Don't cough or you'll be arrested. Don't eat bats. And don't be a knob.


Dai x

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