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2023...Is That You? Book Acoustic Live Music For Next Year Now

Where has this year gone? It's already September although two weeks ago, it was March! Maybe it's just a sign of me getting old (er). Time waits for no Dai.

BUT...although the year has flown by, it has been one busy, busy one - maybe one of the busiest of my illustrious career. (Illustrious means disappointing yeh?)

I have been lucky enough to play just about every weekend this year, with gigs all over the place. From Cardiff to Caerphilly and Neath to Glyn Nedd, I have been like a Rolling Stone around the "world." I even sang in Hollywood, albeit at Karaoke (it still counts, right?)

I have also been VERY lucky to play a lot of weddings this year and I have loved every single one! Being able to be a part of such a special day in a couple's life is always an honour and I would like to thank every bride and groom who has booked me to play.

But, I WANT MORE WEDDING GIGS! So, check head to to check out my wedding package and get a quote for your big day!

So, yeh, with 2023 poking its head around the corner, it's come to that terrifying time for a solo musician again - it's time to start booking gigs for 2023 - although 2022 has been incredibly busy, it's never a given for the year ahead. So, although it's only September, my books for 2023 are NOW OPEN!

If you are a venue owner, or want to book me for any type of event (I'm playing on a boat tomorrow, I will play anywhere), get in touch. Thankfully, dates usually go pretty quickly so the sooner you book me, the more chance my dates will be free!

You can email me at, message on my Facebook page at, on my Instagram @davidcthomasmusic and on this website!

In the meantime, I have a very busy (there's that word again) few months coming up with most weekends booked up (check out my shows here). So, I hope to see you at some gigs but don't be afraid to share this blog and get in touch about booking me, whether that be for a wedding, anniversary, boat trip, garden party, baby shower, hen do, stag do, birthday party, Bar Mitzvah, and anything else!

As always, thanks for reading this far and I hope to catch you at a show soon :)

Yours faithfully,

Dai Seesaw Thomas

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