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"While rock and roll lies dormant in many parts of the world, people may take solace in the fact that the eternal flame of unadulterated rock and roll still burns in Southern Wales, sheltered from the cold winds of electronica by the heart of David C. Thomas and fuelled by the twisted conceptualizations from his mind! This man is a maniac! Too fragile to live, too rare to die." - Mad Man, Jules Walker

Okay, let's translate that for you. I'm a musician based in South Wales. I have been playing music for over 20 years, going from bass, to guitar, to singing...and now I do all three! (Not at the same time...though I have tried)

I play cover gigs and originals (BOOK ME!) and I'm looking to get my originals out there more. So, get in touch if you want some songwriting services too!!

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