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Wedding Season! Fancy Some Acoustic Music?

So...hello again!

It's been a while. I really should write more of these blogs but: number 1 - my day job involves writing and editing thousands of words a day so I get too tired to write anything and: number 2 - my other daytime job is being lazy.

Let's get right down to business then. Now gigs are back in full swing (REJOICE!), it means Brides and Grooms to be are looking for music for their big day.

I often get asked "Can you play Tina Turner?"

I also get asked "Do you play weddings?"

The answer is yes (surprised?) and yes! I do play weddings! I have played many weddings throughout South Wales and South Western England over the last 10 years. This includes singing songs for the processional and recessional. I remember the first time I sang a bride down the aisle and it's safe to say...I was sh**ting it!! But, after the performance, I realised how wonderful and special it was that I was asked to play for such a special moment in someone's life.

So, what are you getting at David C Thomas? (you can call me Dai)

Well, I'm trying to say that I am available for weddings!

Here's what I offer:

  • Processional and recessional music

  • Music as the guests arrive

  • Daytime music for guests to listen to while they regret drinking their fifth Pimms by 3pm

  • First dance performance

  • Evening entertainment to get everyone up dancing

I love playing music at weddings and getting to know the Bride, Groom and guests. I understand choosing music is a big part of the day. But, if you like all the songs you love played acoustically, then I MAY be what you're looking for!

Once you get in touch with me, I will check that I am free for your special day. Then, we will discuss what you are looking for (i.e., times to play during the day, set lists etc)

I will be available via email, WhatsApp, social media, or telephone whenever you need me so I can assure you get exactly what you want.

Sound like something you're interested in? Looking for music for your wedding? Well...get in touch!

I am based in Cardiff, South Wales but willing to travel far and wide!

So, whether you want music for a party or a wedding, get in touch!

Until then, thanks for reading this far (you must be bored) and I hope to hear from you soon!

Take it easy

David C Thomas


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