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Busy busy busy!!

So, I'm still here. That's right! It's September 2021 and gigs are back in full (ish) swing!

Two weekends ago, I actually had the same number of gigs I had done in the whole of 2020. And boy did it feel goooood! I feel like audiences are more up for music than EVER before and, tbh, so are the musicians. It's so good to be playing music for all of you again and long may it continue.

But, I don't want this blog post to be about the last year and the trials and tribulations we have all been through. Now is a time to look forward and be excited about EVERYTHING.

One thing I am excited about is my new single Hideaway. Although I released it back in July, I have been a bit slow at advertising it...especially via my blog (I think this is the first time I've mentioned it on here). But, while it is *ahem* on all music streaming services *insert link here -> ‎Hideaway - Single by David C Thomas on Apple Music, I am currently planning a music video for the track. It will hopefully be as atmospheric as the song itself with beautiful sweeping views from Wales and even Greece. (Yes, I'm flying to Greece to film my music video...and drink lots of all-inclusive beers and cocktails). So, when my video is filmed and edited (let me know if you can edit videos because I can't even edit a TikTok video), I will name a release date, hopefully by the end of the year. I know, I take things slooooow.

Apart from that, I have some other new songs in the work that are a bit more grungy. I find that the style of song I write ends up sounding like what I was listening at the time and I've been listening to a bit of Nirvana recently. So, expect dirty guitars and some shouting.

Ask me what genre my music is and I can never answer. Hideaway is an electro-chilled pop song while other songs are folky while others are punky while others are...rubbish. Nah, I like most of my songs...even the ones I hate. (A certain song with 84 las comes to mind) *Insert another link here -> La Positive by Nomadic Ways on Amazon Music -

That's about it for my ramblings this week.

Tune in next time where I promise not to mention 2020 and will have opened up for the Stereophonics and Tom Jones when they play my local pub.

Until then, take care and just have a bloody good time.

Dai x

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