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David C Thomas, acoustic guitarist and singer for weddings and events,

I am now taking bookings for private events (parties, weddings, etc) in South Wales, West Wales, East Wales, and South Western England.


David C Thomas' Hideaway Single, OUT NOW on all streaming platforms!

David C. Thomas has been playing music since early childhood. Growing up near Swansea, South Wales, there was plenty going on to inspire song writing. He wrote his first song when he was 5 years old (all be it about monkeys) and has never looked back since. Having played in various bands as a bassist, then guitarist and eventually lead singer, Dai decided to give the solo work a go. With the help from various musician friends, he plays and performs with some of the best musicians in South Wales and continues to write songs which he hopes everyone will enjoy and love.


The world may be burning (well, it is here in the UK), but I have some good news...


Actually, it's my first logo ever!

I deigned it myself (you can probably tell) but had some help from some expert designer friends.

I like the colour scheme of black and white, as you can tell from my website, so I thought my logo should follow this trend!

So, without further is my new logo (TADA *Jazz hands*)

David C Thomas - South Wales Wedding acoustic guitarist and singer Logo

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